The Illinois Township Attorneys Association (the “Association”) was incorporated on December 20, 1977, with the Secretary of State of the State of Illinois.  In the time prior to incorporation of the Association, various members of the Association coordinated their efforts as an ad hoc division of the Township Officials of Illinois (“TOI”), which exists under Illinois statutory law to “provide and disseminate information and research services and perform other acts for the purpose of improving township government in Illinois”.  60 ILCS 1/85-15.

Before and after incorporation of the Association, members of the Association have volunteered countless hours to lecture township officials throughout Illinois.  Members of the Association have also provided countless hours on a pro bono (free of charge) basis to townships and township-inspired causes throughout Illinois.

In 1990, the Association sponsored its first continuing legal education seminar for attorneys in Bloomington, Illinois, with focus on the law effecting townships and township road districts in Illinois.  The Association sponsored twelve more such seminars.

In 2001, the Association sponsored its first educational program for township officials in Bloomington, Illinois, with focus on the laws which effect township and township road districts.  The Association sponsored another such program in 2002 at Hamburger University in Oak Brook, Illinois.

In 2003, the Association combined its educational offerings for attorneys and township officials and sponsored its First Annual Combined Spring Educational Seminar at the former Radisson Hotel in Bloomington, Illinois.  Since then, the Association has continued to sponsor such seminars typically on the first Friday of each May.

Periodically, the Association has published a newsletter which also focuses on issues pertaining to township and township road districts.


The Mission of the Illinois Township Attorneys Association is to provide service to
township government in Illinois through the education of and assistance to the attorneys and officials who serve township government in Illinois.